Presbyterian Church (USA)
Corporate Offices & Headquarters
“[Swope Design Group] was great to work with, and I would recommend [Swope] to anyone who needs [its] design and implementation skills.”
-Joey Bailey
Owner: Presbyterian Church (USA)
Location: Louisville, Kentucky
Size: 215,000 S.F.
Completion: 2003

This project involved the phased renovation of an eight-story office headquarters building located in an historic warehouse. The building houses 650 employees of Presbyterian Church (USA) and was originally converted to an office facility in 1988. Interior spaces include executive offices, systems workstation areas, training areas, large and small conferencing areas, a cafeteria, a large print and publishing department, and a dramatic 96-foot atrium. Systems furniture layouts were especially challenging due to the many interior support columns leftover from the former warehouse. Interior design services included a comprehensive program analysis of each department’s functional needs relative to systems furniture. Swope used this information to drive the development of furniture specifications. Swope also managed the bid process and installation and provided finish specifications and project administration throughout the two-year renovation process.

*Architect: Bravura
*Photography: Fieldhouse Photography